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Part of Lewes Castle,

Sussex, UK


Through the Oval Window

Through the 12th century window that is. Looking out through the ruins of the medieval Knepp Castle, Knepp Estate, West Sussex, UK

Decked Out

The traditional blue and white deck chairs on Brighton Beach.

Sussex, UK

Heaven in a glass

Harvey’s Old Ale. My all time favourite, I travel half way round the world to get this, nectar of the gods.

Sussex, UK.

Just a Peaceful Afternoon

Walking by the creek on beautiful Winter afternoon.

From Tree to Pie

Combined effort; I grew the lemon tree, my daughter made the lemon meringue pie, the whole family ate it.

Table for 3

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos at the table. Is it waitress service here?

NSW, Australia

Anything for me?

Australian Magpie, waiting by the door, always hoping for some food. This is the male, his family aren’t quite so bold.

Out of Time

Swamphen and sundial on overcast day.

Wollongong Botanical Gardens, NSW, Australia

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