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Illuminating Music Education

Wollongong Conservatorium of Music on a stormy Winters evening.

Flowers of Gossamer

Gossamer cocoon on bush.

Bowral, NSW, Australia. 

Still Standing

After the storm, a tree, battered but hanging on …just.

NSW, Australia

Here be Dragons

 Eastern Water Dragon, Itellagama lesueurii lesueurii

Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Sleepy kitten

Burmese kitten almost asleep Kitten-sitting nextdoors Burmese Kittens. 

Couple of Harleys


2 of many at the Harley Days event, Stuart Park, Wollongong

Where the River meets the Ocean

Pacifc Ocean, Wollongong, NSW Australia

The End of the Road

Flooding from East Coast Low, NSW, Australia

Twin Lighthouses

Apparently the only place on the East Coast of Australia with two lighthouses. The old Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse at the entrance to Wollongong Harbour and the newer Wollongong Head Lighthouse on Flagstaff Point.

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