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Winters yellow

Delicate yellow Acacia (Wattle) flowers 

Illawarra, NSW, Australia

A Touch of Frost

Chilly mornings, sunny days, cold winds. Winter is here. 

Bowral, NSW, Australia

Green Pillars

And long winter shadows.

Bowral, NSW, Australia 

Natures Jewels

Dew on spider web looking like a necklace 

Morning dew on spider web

East Bowral, NSW, Australia


The mighty oak changing hues.

Southern Highlands, NSW

Flowers of Gossamer

Gossamer cocoon on bush.

Bowral, NSW, Australia. 

Winter is Coming

Autumn leaf touched with early morning frost.

Bowral, NSW, Australia

Autumn Fingers

A type of Boston Ivy I think.

Bowral, NSW, Australia

Autumn Begins

From little acorns…..

NSW, Australia

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