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No mushroom omelettes with this one.

Robertson, NSW, Australia.



End of a giant after strong winds.

Kangaloon, NSW, Australia


Autumn colour, mass of yellow berries on bush by cycle track.

Bowral, NSW, Australia

Home Grown

Less than 5 minutes from plant to plate…. & chemical free.

Gardening at it’s best.

Pure Beauty

Lilies, Robertson, NSW, Australia.

Heart of Oak

Owls carved on top of oak trees that lost their canopy in 2009 storm.

Nymans Woods, Handcross, West Sussex, UK

Nymans is a National Trust property,


Poisonous Beauty

View from my outdoor office this week. Foxgloves (Digitalis). Poisonous but pretty.

Wollongong Botanical Gardens, Keiraville, NSW, Australia.

Robertson Waratahs 

Waratah, (Telopea speciosissima) state floral emblem for NSW.

Robertson, NSW, Australia


Must be the season for flowers. Known as Pigface this little plant grows on the sandunes. It tolerates being  blasted by salt spray, covered in sand, is apparently edible and can relieve inspect bites. Think we could give it a nicer name.

Carpobrotus Glaucescens

North Wollongong Beach, NSW, Australia

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