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The mighty oak changing hues.

Southern Highlands, NSW

Flowers of Gossamer

Gossamer cocoon on bush.

Bowral, NSW, Australia. 

Winter is Coming

Autumn leaf touched with early morning frost.

Bowral, NSW, Australia

Autumn Fingers

A type of Boston Ivy I think.

Bowral, NSW, Australia

Autumn Begins

From little acorns…..

NSW, Australia

Still Standing

After the storm, a tree, battered but hanging on …just.

NSW, Australia

Tree beard?

Beard lichen, NSW, Australia

Sometimes called Old Man’s Beard and is a sign of clean air.

A strawberry in the making

First for the year. From my garden.

Mid Winter Wattle

The roadsides are now lined with the yellow of Acacia, or Wattle. This is one of the 1000 or so species of Acacia native to Australia.

NSW, Australia.

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